As most of you know, I have been dedicated on changing the face of BCHL. My goal 5 years ago was to make BCHL what it is today. I’ve had some great help with the team reps and Janice. They jumped on board with what I had in mind and together we succeeded at what we had set out to do. Together we increased the skill level by leaps and bounds. I honestly don’t think there is a league that has such a great pool of talent than here at BCHL. From what I hear, next year should be even better with the guys wanting to come in. Together we also cut down on the “goon” play in the league. Yes some incidents happened but in comparison, a much needed improvement. We also managed to keep cost down for you, the players. So with the three major key components of running a league I think we are the top league in the area. Again, my opinion. I started running the league with zero knowledge of running a team let alone a league. Through a bunch of trial and errors, I’m satisfied with the success. Learn from success, learn more from mistakes.

With that being said, I will be stepping away from BCHL completely. I will no longer be President, Webmaster or player(still debating that last one) for BCHL. This will take effect once we hold our End of Season meeting. I have come to meet some great guys, played some great competitive hockey, laughed and had some beers. But, with my worries of my wife’s battle with Leukemia and the ignorance and classlessness of some players that know what my family and I go through, I refuse to be a part of it. I do what I can to meet them in the middle and all I get it is ignorance in return. You have to be 19 to play in the league. An adult. Too bad some can’t act like one. Sorry to the rest for my short rant.

On another note. I appreciate the “thanks” and “good job” I received over the course of the last couple of weeks for running the league from numerous players. I wholeheartedly appreciate it.

Have a safe and great summer. Hope to run into some of you then. Take care. Have a great season!

The league will be looking to fill the positions of President and Webmaster. Any interest can be emailed to